additional services

additional services
As it pertains to air traffic control, this means advisory information provided by ATC (air traffic control), which includes but is not limited to the following: (i) traffic advisories; (ii) vectors, when requested by a pilot, to assist aircraft receiving traffic advisories to avoid observed traffic; (iii) altitude deviation information when the aircraft is 300 ft (90 m) or more from an assigned altitude as observed on a verified (reading correctly) automatic altitude readout (Mode C); (iv) advisories that traffic is no longer a factor; (v) weather and chaff information; (vi) weather assistance; (vii) bird activity information; and (viii) holding pattern surveillance. Additional services are provided to the extent possible contingent only upon the controller’s ability to fit them into the performance of higher priority duties and the limitations created by the radar, volume of traffic, frequency congestion, and the controller’s workload. The controller has complete discretion for determining if he or she is able to provide, or continue to provide, a service in a particular case. The controller does not have to reveal his or her reasons to the pilot for refusing to provide the service.

Aviation dictionary. 2014.

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